The Vault

Pilot - Maw of Madness

It’s been two weeks since you have returned from the wilds of the south. The company’s coffers are running dangerously low and no new jobs are on the horizon. Times look very bleak indeed, and you’ve considering shutting the doors of the company and leaving Sharn for a smaller city in Khorvaire or the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of Stormreach.
You receive an invitation from Morgrave University. One of the objects you returned from Xendrix will be on display in a newly opened museum on the University’s campus. Knowing that may infuential, wealthy people will be in attendance you decide the company should make an appearance. If nothing else for the free meal at the gallery opening.
The night of the gallery opening, the weather is clear. You stroll through the streets to the University. The doorman takes you ticket as you enter. The gallery is dimly lit. Bright pools of light highlight the multitude of artifacts on exhibit. You spend the next hour speaking with the guests, but no one has any work for you.


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