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Character Creation

The Characters thus far:
Human Oracle – Jessica
Half-elf Rogue – Ryan
Human Fighter – Cortney
Witch – Elisa
Halfling Cleric – Patrick
Half-orc Monk – Todd

I’d like everyone to use the following method for generating stats. 4d6 drop the lowest six time to give you a set of ability scores. Yu can roll this 3 times to give you three sets of stats and you pick the best set for your character. This should give everyone above average stats in 1 to 3 stats, and really make your character feel powerful. If none of your sets come out a viable set of stats, send me a message, and we’ll discuss what we can do.

If you’ve used another method to generate stats, just let me know what method you used when you input your character into the site.

I’m giving everyone free reign on equipment. Each character has 23,500 GP to spend on equipment. Weapons and armor can have a maximum of a +2 bonus and one special ability with a +1 equivalent. If you’d like to take any other type of item over 10,000 GP, run it by me.

Please put your character into the site when you’ve finished them. The character sheet is a little clunky to use, but I think once you put the character in, it’ll be easy to update. I definitely want to review everyone’s character before we start playing.

Party Background
The party is an obscure adventuring company. The company has been going through some tough times, and has only managed to get one job in the past few months. Your last job had the entire party traveling to the wilds of Xendric to recover a strange object. The job was financed through Morgrave University and a private donor. After nearly two months away from Sharn, the party has returned, but still with few prospects for work.


I’m basing this campaign off of the Sci-fi series Warehouse 13. It will revolved around removing powerful and dangerous artifacts from the world.

The format of this campaign will be episodic. My goal is to produce three or four act adventures that can be completed in a game session. Some important adventures may be six-act adventure that spans two to three sessions. I want to have over the top action sequences and riveting stories.

I want to try an episodic format because I believe we will have trouble establishing a regular gaming schedule. I want everyone to feel like they’ve accomplished something at the end of the session even if we only get to play once a month.

I want to use the site to take care of between session business and character side quests.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

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